Strike a Poser

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172 pages

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Olivia, a professional con artist, is putting together a team. Along with her current accomplice, Jillian, she figures they’ll need two more as they case a millionaire named Jerry Mallore, having followed him to, of all places, the theme park land of Orlando, Florida.

Olivia quickly locates an old flame from way back named Jack. An ex-scammer himself, he’s long since gone straight, working as a bar manager of an Irish restaurant just outside the wacky theme parks. His uniform involves kilts. She knows he’ll be in.


About Dylan Edward Asher

Dylan Edward Asher’s novels include Olivia Jane Doe—A Con-Genre Double Feature, Damage Day, FLA, It’s a Calamity, Jane, and Strike a Poser. Damage Day, FLA was awarded a Kirkus Star, and nominated for the Kirkus Prize 2015.



When one of the guys told Jack Maxwell that there was a girl here to see him, he thought little of it. He was the bar manager, and that meant he did the hiring for the bar, which meant too-young-for-him girls were always here to see him. He’d even become immune to his ridiculous work attire, which was essentially a costume. It was a terribly stiff, white button-up shirt with a green and orange flannel kilt. That’s right. A kilt. Because in the theme-parked land of Orlando, everything was what it was times forty. So naturally an “Irish” bar, located just outside and surrounded by a cluster of mega-theme parks, would clearly need to be completely, utterly, and embarrassingly Irish.


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